Photo of Clovis the head instructor at Ottawa Krav Maga Academy

By Clovis Lavoie

Have you ever felt the chill behind your neck as you clinched your fists in your pockets as you felt you were being followed? 

One of our students Anna, was walking out of a restaurant where somebody (not discreetly) checked her out, and started a conversation with her. She indicated that she didn’t have the time and had to leave. As she was walking out of the parking lot, she noticed the person following her. After a couple of minutes of walking she said to herself ” I don’t have the time for this” as the person was still tailing her. Feeling scared she managed to find a group of people ” I asked them if they could pretend to know me”. Seeing that she was in a group of friends the person following her immediately backed off.

Has this ever happened to you or someone you know?

Here are 3 Safety Tips that you can learn today to prevent from being followed. Click the video below to get this info.

Stay Safe